Monday, May 29, 2017

Unique Birthday Wishes For Father

165. “Don’t be nervous. Don’t be scared. It’s your birthday, and that’s all age looking back at you in the mirror.”

166. “Mirrors don’t lie – you’re old. Happy birthday.”

Happy Birthday Messages For Husband

167. “I just checked my calendar, and guess what? It’s your birthday. Happy birthday.”

168. “Every dream that you dream tonight will come true. Have a great birthday.”

169. “Opening a present every day is the same as having a younger brother like you: neither get old even on their birthday.”

170. “Happy birthday. It’s your birthday! Don’t you remember, or are you too drunk?”

171. “Brother, you’re teeth are big and green. Brother, you are big and mean. Brother, I almost forgot – happy birthday.”

172. “The stars have aligned and another year has passed. I wish you the best birthday ever.”

173. “The best of the best days still isn’t good enough. I want an unreal day for my brother’s birthday.”

Good Morning Messages For Friends

174. “How many times a year do I get to tell you how old you’re getting? Just one! Happy Birthday, gramps.”

175. “Jump, slide and dive onto a water slide. Do whatever you want. It’s your birthday.”

176. “Today is your day – live it like no other.”

177. “Love comes in many forms. Today, love is my brother because it’s his birthday.”

178. “I don’t tell you this often enough, but it’s your birthday lol.”

179. “Sun, snow or rain: I hope that today is perfect for you on your birthday.”

180. “I have said it before, and I will say it again. Happy birthday to the best brother in the whole world.”

happy Birthday Quotes For Friends

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Best Good Morning Messages

:::G:::: |""'*,
:::::0:::| () )


Hav a Nice Day

insan jab pasti mey jata ha jab wo upeer uthna bhool jata ha so plz keep trying 4 level best keep smiling with sharper mind.

Good Morning Messages For Her

(Ø)ffers us
(D)evotion to
(M)ake us
(Ø)bedient &
(R)eady for
(Ñ)ew day to
(Ñ)ew aim for the
(G)lory of life.

i m a bird
( ' > standing
/) ) at ur
/,,/ window,

waiting 4 u 2 say


Have a Nice day
( GØØD )
'-. .-'
( ';')
(,)(,) Mörñiñg.
have a shweet shweet d@y..!

Sørry MY turtle
¿J ¿J ¿J
I wanted 2 wish u gøød night
But he walked 2 sløw

Gøød Mørning..

Like a candle in the dark
. ' , ' .
, .(). ,
| |
| |

may the Love
of GOD shine
in ur life.
& keep u safe always.

+ '__//\\__' +*
' *\\ Good // *'

Hot tea!
Chaye se urte dhoye main unki taswir nazar ati hai Rozana inhi chakron main meri chaye thandi ho Jti hai.

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good night wishes for him

good night wishes for boyfriend

Good Morning Messages

2C light look@SUN, 2C love look@MOTHER, 2C beauty look@NATURE, 2C hope look@FUTURE.
But 2C all of these look@MIRROR! U r the best. Gud morning...

      .;"";. .;"";.
()"" ') +, '" ,+'
( ,'o')") "+,+"
     (,,) )
JuSt SendinG My CoOL HEART
2 SaY
G O O D  M O R N I N G
Have A Nice DAy:-)

Good Morning Messages For Him

Open ur eyes! So the SUN can rise,
Flowers can blossom…. Birds can sing,
B coz all are waiting to see ur *B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* @S@M@I@L@E@
Good Morning…..

Subh Subh Suraj Ka Sath Ho
Parindon Ki Aawaz Ho
Hath Me Tea Or
Yaadon Me Aap Ho Us Khush Numa
Subhah Ki Kaya Baat Ho
=@=GOOD=@= @=MORNING=@=

Fiza bankar aapke kareeb aye hain, 1 pyari subah aapke liye laye hain, naye ummedo k sath jeewan ki nayi suruat kejiye, hazaro duwa apne sang laye hain.

Paani ki boondain pholon ko mehka rahi hain, Thandi hawain tazgi jaga rahi hain, Ho jao app bhi is main Shamil, Pyaari si subah appko jaga rahi hai

Walk towards ur desires. Move towards ur dreams. Play towards hurdles on ur way. Fly towards ur aim. Land with ur success. Gud morning..

athisa aisa athea awaya atoa asaya ayoua agudmrnga aina
aaa anewa astylea
can u undrstand this?
Please erase front and back 'a'.

Soft speech Clean heart Peaceful eyes Strengthful hands focused mind & determined decision with God's love... Always makes u Winner in life...Gud morning..

Namashkar ! "yeh hamari morning SMS seva hai..Is main hum soti huyi aatmaaon ko SMS kark Jagate hain..Or Un k jaag jaane k baad Hum khud sojate hain.. Good MORNING.

Pani ki bunde phulon ko bhiga rahi hai
Thandi lehren ek tazgi jaga rahi hai,
Ho jaye aap bhi inme shamil
Ek pyari si subah aapko jaga rahi hai Gm

Dastak di kisi ne, kaha khushiya laya hu, Inbox chhota na pad jaye, itni duwa laya hun, Naam hai mera SMS, aapko "GOOD MORNING" kehne aaya hun.

, - .(. - .
".          ."
". . . "
Kasmiri Apple..
This is my gift to u.
But one condition.


Gudmng ji:

Hi. Ji
<( )/*
/ \
Neend ho gai ji poori.
Lo fir.
*--( )--*
] [

Ettnni saari

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good morning quotes for girlfriend

good morning quotes for girlfriend